August, 2015

Upcoming Gigs:

Sunday, Aug. 16, join Dave, Tom and Bill at Alfalfa Farm Winery in Topsfield, MA, from 1-4 pm.  We are fortunate to play a couple of times a year at Alfalfa Farm, and look forward to seeing our friends there.  Come out and enjoy the music and the wine.

Saturday, Aug. 22, join Dave, Bill and Patrick at the Haverhill Farmers Market, Haverhill MA, from 10am-1pm.  You’ll find us next to the Police Station on  Bailey Blvd.


Farmers Market Season

Vagabond guitar player and Speed the Plough hero Bill Perry, can be found a various farmers markets around southern NH and northeaster MA. Patrick Hornig and Dave Medvitz were able to join him last minute on Thurs. June 18 at the Manchester NH farmers market where Dave got to show off his new banjo. Bill has a few more dates upcoming so drop by for some good produce and good music:
Wed. June 24, 4-6:30 pm, Farmer’s Market, Elkin Library parking lot, Canterbury, NH (Dave will join hime)
Sat. June 27, 10am-1pm, Farmer’s Market, Bailey Blvd (near the police station), Haverhill, MA (Dave and Patrick along for the ride)